WOFIO Site setup applications

Warrant of Fitness Inspecting Organisation Application


We are able to manage or assist our clients in setup a new WOF Inspecting organisation. As part of the consultancy process, we will analyse the information needs for the new site application. Providing your PRS/QMS records and procedures.


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Online Simulation Tests

Online simulation tests are useful for trainees preparing to sit the NZTA exam, as well as for employers wanting to check existing and potential employees’ skills and abilities.

VI Training offers trainees personalized access to our training website. Through the website, trainees have access to online WOF Inspector simulation tests which mimic the NZTA final exam.

The website selects random questions for the simulation test from over 300 multiple choice training questions. The answers to the questions have to be found by trainees in the VIRM. At the completion of the test, trainees are given their results and told which questions they answered correctly. They are not provided with the correct answers to questions answered incorrectly. This promotes learning how to use the VIRM in comparison to memorizing the answers to set questions.

These results are compiled into a graph which allows the individual or sponsor to see how often the trainee is attempting the simulation exams, and how well they are doing in them